Map & build your crowd – advice for artists and creative practitioners

Every ambitious project needs a crowd – a large and definable group of people who are going to support, contribute to, engage with or gather together around the ideas and people behind making the project happen.

As an artist or a creative practitioner, you’ll need to get to know people who will support you & your projects – your crowd!

Sometimes people call this process ‘networking’. But often, the focus of ‘networking’ is meeting other people to form business relationships and find new business opportunities. However, drawing on your crowd isn’t always about business or simple transactions.

In reality, your crowd is more like a community of people who gather around the things you do, make or publish. Other people want to become part of what you do when they think it’s interesting, valuable, enjoyable and they connect with what you’re doing.

The resources below talk you through the process of work out who you are already in touch with and how to extend this network further. Firstly, you’ll find out how to start mapping your own crowd. And then, ways to extend your connections with other people to help you access the opportunities and resources you need to make big things happen!

Map & build your crowd - title slide

Map & Build Your Crowd – slides – Rachel Dobbs – CC BY NC SA

Other useful resources

Alongside this, you’ll also find some great advice from Eden Project Communities on ‘How To Increase Your Sphere of Influence’ and ‘Why You Need To Engage Your Community’.

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