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In 2020, VASW invited me to share a range of use­ful tools and resources from my per­spec­tive as a ser­i­al freelancer.

Rather than reproduce them all here again, take a look at the full post here on the VASW website.

More recently, I was invited by Barbican Theatre Plymouth to do a ReBels Masterclass for people who are thinking about starting to work freelance. I’m really glad to be able to share the video from the session here too!

We covered topics like – Fees, payments & trade unions, Getting good with money, Working with others, Balancing the risk, Specialising in something, and Learning how to tell stories & ask for cash.

Here’s the links to things I mention during the video:

I have also published some useful resources on Being Really Good At Being Self Employed – which covers things like how to write and invoice (and get paid), doing your tax return, pricing your work & your time, and the “Precarious Workers Self Care Checklist”

If you find these resources useful, let me know in the comments below, or on twitter @RachelDobbs1. All of the resources I produce are available to download for FREE, but if you’d like to contribute to my future projects, say thank you or just do something nice for a fellow creative practitioner, feel free to donate by clicking the button below…

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