Useful Resources: Understanding Copyright

I’m often invited to speak on topics to do with IP, copyright and appropriation in relation to creative projects, making artworks and DIY arts activity. Here’s a collection of useful resources (available online) that I’ve been recommending that people read, watch & engage with…

Crash Course (2015) Intellectual Property

A set of video overviews from the Crash Course project that clearly introduce all aspects of IP (Intellectual Property), including overviews on Copyright, Patents, Trademarks and contemporary problems with IP (inc. use on YouTube). The series is 7 episodes long, each one is 10-15mins long, so you’ll have a good overview within an hour and a half.



Jane Secker (2016) Copyright & e-learning: Understanding our privileges and freedoms

This is a video of Jane Secker’s Keynote presentation at the ALT 2016 Conference. She discusses problems associated with copyright laws, copyright’s relationship to the concept of sharing in the digital age, Creative Commons and the implications for educators, learners and libraries. Although her discussion is rooted in an educational discourse, I would argue that it is also very valuable for any creative practitioner.


Kirby Ferguson (2011 – present) Everything Is Remix

Kirby Ferguson’s Everything Is A Remix video series, which was first published in 2011 and is added to sporadically. You can watch the full series here – Ferguson has also put together a useful reading list available here –

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.


  • Evans, D. (ed) (2009). Appropriation. London: Whitechapel.
  • Bourriaud, N. (2010). Postproduction. New York: Lukas & Sternberg.
  • Ronan Deazley (2006) Re-Thinking Copyright: History, Theory, Language.
  • John Theranian, (2011) Infringement Nation: Copyright 2.0 and You –  (read a review here >>


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