Useful Resources: Pre-Launch Crowdfunding Checklists

A selection of crowdfunding campaign checklists to ensure your new crowdfunding project is as SUCCESSFUL as possible!!

It’s vital to work through important details BEFORE your crowdfunding campaign goes live and you launch your new project. It can be easy to think that all you need to do is setup your project page, click publish and you can sit back to watch the pledges roll in. However, this just isn’t the case… Thinking through, planning and preparing all aspects of your crowdfunding campaign in advance ensures that your launch (and your project) goes as smoothly and successfully as possible – and that your project is the best it can be before you unveil it to the world!

Here’s an on-going collection I’ve been making of useful project checklists to use when preparing your crowdfunding campaigns & projects. If you find any other crowdfunding checklists, please leave a link in the comments or tweet me at @RachelDobbs1 & I’ll add them to the post.

Pre-Launch Crowdfunding Checklists

Campaign Checklist – download selected pages here

Social Media Checklist – download selected pages here

Building Buzz – download selected pages here

Getting Local Press To Write About Your Fundraiser 

Your Campaign Email Strategy  

Preparing Your Campaign For Launch – download here



Have I missed something? Do you have a great crowdfunding resource that I should include here too? Or examples of great projects I should list as examples? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me @RachelDobbs1 and I’ll include it in a future post!!

You can read more crowdfunding hints and tips here, and check out this post on Building your crowdfunding team for more ideas on how to get started.

New to crowdfunding?
Check out my quick start guide to crowdfunding!!

Quick start crowdfunding beginners guide

Rachel Dobbs is one half of LOW PROFILE, an artist and educator based in Plymouth, UK. Rachel works on a range of arts and education projects, has a long-term interest in creative approaches to community development and runs workshops, teaching & training sessions for a range of formal & informal groups including students, arts practitioners and communities – contact me for more details.

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