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I’ve been invited to speak at a number of events recently on topics to do with fundraising, pitching projects, setting up and managing DIY arts projects. Here’s a collection of useful resources (available online) that I’ve been recommending that people read…


DIY TOO: A beginner’s guide to making a DIY artist-led project

LOW PROFILE’s contribution to the 2015 publication DIY TOO, is a beginners guide to making a DIY artist led project with the aim of sharing some useful things that we have learned about running artist led projects, to better equip others who feel like they have the energy and time to roll up their sleeves and get DIY’ing.


Applying to Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts Programme: an unofficial guide

Producer, director and dramaturg Simon Day wrote an excellent guide for Theatre Bristol on writing funding applications. Although aimed at theatre makers, the advice included is very relevant for all involved in DIY artist-led activity


Artists Access to Empty Spaces: Fact Sheet

As convener of the Artists Access to Empty Space event in March 2015, Hannah Jones (LOW PROFILE & Plymouth College of Art) compiled a mega useful factsheet about using empty spaces for arts activity


Hunt & Darton Cafe Toolkit

Artist duo and successful Cafe proprietors Hunt & Darton published an essential toolkit in 2016 on the topic of setting up, securing and running a pop-up arts project on the High Street – including advice on talking to estate agents, pitching your project, licensing and other logistical details.


ACE Grants for the Arts – application CHEATSHEET

A set of documents to help you navigate, plan and complete your Arts Council England Grants for the Arts application more easily. I prepared these during the process of supporting neurodiverse artists (Autistic Spectrum, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic etc.) via ACE’s disabillity access scheme. Check out this blog on that topic…

Fundraising: What you need to know

With support from the Doing Digital project at Plymouth College of Art, I have produced a series of videos around understanding different aspects of fundraising.


7 things artists could learn from board game Kickstarters

Rachel Dobbs (LOW PROFILE) writes about how artists can improve their crowdfunding projects and run them more successfully by looking at successful campaigns run in other areas.


Jamey Stegmaier’s Kickstarter Lessons

Kickstarter aficionado Jamey Stegmaier has written extensively about planning, setting up, running, promoting and delivering Kickstarter projects. Although written for an audience interested in running boardgame projects, this is a MUST READ for anyone thinking of embarking on a crowdfunded project.



Rachel Dobbs is one half of LOW PROFILE, an artist, educator and tinkerer based in Plymouth, UK. Rachel runs workshops for students, arts practitioners and communities on creative approaches to crowdfunding and DIY artist-led activity – contact me for more details.

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Hi Rachel I first discovered your rant on tube which was totally hilarious and a great way of getting your thoughts across. Ive just now started exploring the options for applying to the arts council for funds to support my own work. I just wanted to say a big thank you for doing this and drawing attention to the difficulty that many of us have to do with getting ideas out their in text form much appreciated,all I need to do now is to get to grips with filming as well

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