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Last week I was invited to run a Crowdfunding For Artists workshop with MA students at Plymouth College of Art. One of the focuses of the postgrad courses there is on Entrepreneurship for Creative Practice, and so it seemed like a great fit for me to be invited!

Crowdfunding - MA PCA

During the session, we explored Reward Based Crowdfunding campaigns and how they could be used successfully (and innovatively) by artists and creative professionals to get their projects off the ground. You can read more about my approach to this in the 7 things artists could learn from board game Kickstarters here on my blog.

In preparation for the session, I developed a new Crowdfunding Project Analysis Toolkit, which I am releasing here under a creative commons licence (CC-BY-NC-SA). It’s a work in progress, and I’d love to hear what people would find useful to add (or clarify) for future workshops.


What is the Crowdfunding Project Analysis Toolkit?

Aim: A useful checklist to use when analysing crowdfunding projects

Who is it for: Anyone who wants to learn more about setting up and running crowdfunding projects (for Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, IndieGoGo or other platforms). Students, artists, arts organisations, charities, independent publishers, project creators, companies, interested individuals.

What will I learn by using the Crowdfunding Project Analysis Toolkit?

The headings and content of the toolkit worksheet should guide you to analysing what makes a successful / unsuccessful crowdfunding project by learning from existing campaigns. You can use it for live campaigns, past campaigns, and ones that were successful or unsuccessful.

It should help you work out how to shape your own campaign, what to include and what to avoid by looking more closely at how well existing campaigns put across their message, appeal to particular audiences (and identified stakeholders), how communities are built around a project and statistical elements like the number of backers involved and amounts of money raised.

Can I give it a go?KS_ProjectAnalysisToolkit

Yes. Indeed you can!! Just download the document below and try it out yourself. Find a campaign by searching on Kickstarter or Crowdfunder or other platform and get analysing…

DOWNLOAD the Crowdfunding Project Analysis Toolkit PDF

Here are some example projects to try analysing:

Internetopia By Ben Redford

Keep Fotofusion Moving By Fotofusion

Karen By Blast Theory

Cornish Topsy and Tim By Knowethas


Can I tell you what I think?

Yes. PLEASE DO!!!! I’m constantly updating the materials I use for crowdfunding workshops. The best way to get in touch is to leave a comment below, or tweet me @RachelDobbs1. Point out my mistakes, ask for clarification or explanation, or just tell me what you found out through the process. I’m really keen to have your feedback and make improvements.


If you’re planning a campaign on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or Crowdfunder for your arts or creative project, check out my short advice series 7 Things Artists Could Learn From Boardgame Kickstarters

Are you an artist or arts organisation looking for some help in shaping a successful crowdfunding campaign? Get in touch to arrange an online Helpout! I also run workshops for students, arts practitioners and arts organisations in creative approaches to crowdfundingcontact me for more details.

Rachel Dobbs is one half of LOW PROFILE, an artist, educator, tinkerer & freelance boardgame art director with Grublin & Tinkerbots Games.. currently based in Plymouth, UK.

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