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Running arts & community events

If you’re new to running arts or community events, the whole process might seem pretty daunting. However, it doesn’t need to be! Here’s some step-by-step resources and guides to get you thinking about how to run your own events successfully… Continue Reading →

Planning your first crowdfunding campaign – Quickstart Guide

Crowdfunding is an essential skill for community groups, artists, creative professionals and for anyone who wants to make things happen. I have learned how to run a great crowdfunding campaign in 2 key ways – by paying attention to what… Continue Reading →

Running your own workshops & art courses

Running your own workshops or courses can be a useful source of income for artists & arts professionals. I really enjoy sharing my skills & know-how by running workshops, seminars, masterclasses and other types of face-to-face learning sessions. It’s certainly… Continue Reading →

On Collaboration

On Collaboration is a short essay I wrote as part of my MA research (2008 – 10), informed by my experiences of collaborative practice as one half of LOW PROFILE and the on-going requirements in educational settings to reinforce individual authorship…. Continue Reading →

A Very Incomplete Lexicon of LOW PROFILE

LOW PROFILE – A Very Incomplete Lexicon of LOW PROFILE

This “lexicon” (written as part of my MA research 2008 – 10), frames a process of interrogation (searching for, finding, close questioning and unpacking) of terms I have used to tag or label areas of my practice and research, with the aim of developing a vocabulary for discourse around our (LOW PROFILE’s) particular the area of research/inquiry.

This document includes writing on ephemera, the status of the non-virtuoso and the idea of working ‘in series’.

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