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In Summer 2009, Rachel Dobbs and Neil Rose collaborated on 5 one-hour long radio shows exploring the cultural and musicological significance of the “cover version” (a new performance or recording of a song/musical piece by an artist different to that who initially released it).

Taking an eclectic approach, this series of programmes attempts to unpick the cultural significance of the cover version, examining if this assists in the development of popular music, and delving into the emotional resonance and nostalgia that is inherent in hearing a different artist perform a song with which you are familiar. 

Originally broadcast during August and September 2009 on freesound (an experimental community radio station developed by Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, UK).


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Rachel Dobbs makes live art (or performances) and associated ephemera, works as a lecturer in Fine Art and is engaged in researching and writing around ideas of dissemination (of contemporary arts practices) and examinations of things that may be over-looked, over-used or over-familiar. She is currently studying for an MA in Contemporary Arts Practice and Dissemination at Dartington College of Arts and continues to work as one half of LOW PROFILE (www.we-are-low-profile.co.uk). This series is driven by an ongoing fascination with the notion of popular songs as ‘shared texts’ (a reoccurring theme in LOW PROFILE’s work).

Neil Rose is an electroacoustic composer, Fine Art and Film lecturer and Musicologist. Neil is often interested in the use of the spoken word, the talking book and radio drama. Neil works under various pseudonyms and as a member of performance group Elm-K, and also plays a key role in developing sonic arts and its expression within Plymouth and the South West, a major player in Café Concrete: Plymouth’s premier experimental collective. His recent release on the independent Onec record label, the double A-side concept album  "Wilbur Whateley/Psychopomp", inspired by the dark and twisted work of H.P. Lovecraft, effortlessly interweaves concrete sound sources, the spoken word and awkward polyrhythmic beat material.

See also: www.myspace.com/neilrose